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GoStag says ...“... Budapest is one of most highly recommended trips
for an unforgettable international stag weekend! ...”

Budapest, the world renowned Hungarian capital, is often described by those who know a thing or two about travel, as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Generously spread over 535 square kilometres it's home to over 1,700,000 residents - making it a very decent sized capital. Unsurprisingly with its size Budapest is Hungary's largest city, divided by the River Danube (and its famous bridges) into two halves - Buda and Pest (pronounced 'pescht'). The two halves a populated by 23 separate districts, each numbered with Roman numerals in a clockwise direction.  With a wartorn and boundary-changing history, a Budapest has nonetheless remained a beacon of central European style with some amazing architecture, masonry and feats of structural engineering. But don't worry you're not here for a geography class but a stag spectacular and with our focus on the best venues in town - we'll be helping with experienced, group pleasing recommendations!


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Budapest GUIDE

time difference:
flight time:
cost of a pint:

Hungarian Forint
GMT +1
2 hours 15 minutes
around £1.35
not required for British passport holders, varies for other nationalities
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info about Budapest

There are many worthy reasons to visit Budapest but often overlooked is its outstanding food and wine - take it from us, for a certain dietary styling (namely fat boys) the city offers some superb restaurants and with the right venues the value is as good as any capital city in Europe, Central or not. With nearly 2 million residents you'd be right in presuming there'll be a healthy selection of bars, pubs and clubs, not to mention casinos. Add to this our range busting selection of Budapest stag do entertainment and you and the boys can be sure of a very fine time indeed. Budapest is often relegated as a city break destination in favour of more astutely marketed destinations, Prague immediately springs to mind (Budapest often, and sometimes enviously, refers to living in Prague's shadow), but it needn't. Scratch the surface of this city and you'll start to understand why many consider this one of Europe's major jewels.

Visit anytime of year and you'll enjoy your trip but in the summer, believe it or not it has some of the keenest sunshine in Europe, with temperatures often reaching a sun burning 30 degrees, whereas in winter the temperature drops considerably with snow regularly falling in January and February.

By way of a short summary there is something for everyone here, whether you want to high roll or budget bust, whether you want edge of the seat action or cultural chilling, whether eating is cheating or you indulge yourself in award winning hospitality. This huge city has so much to offer and we know our Budapest stag weekends are among the best in Europe. Synonymous with understated style and great value, Budapest is one of most highly recommended trips for an unforgettable international stag weekend!

Enquire about your Budapest stag weekend

a little more about BUDAPEsT stag weekends:

Budapest stag do imageAs a general comparison the city's similar to Prague in many ways but surprisingly not yet as popular and perhaps superficially not as immediately striking (depending on where you look) but in most other aspects it's equal, certainly for the wining and dining and a cultural experience it's on a par. Whatever you choose your Budapest stag weekend adventure is going to provide the lads with an amazing time, we have excellent recommendations for you to take advantage of, as a client you get the full support of our expert teams, whether that's during the planning process in the UK or on the ground in Hungary. So for any decisions you need to make from hotels to airport transfers we're on hand to get you the most from your Budapest stag weekend budget. We have prepared everything to ensure you can select from the best a Budapest stag do has to offer, we hope you will enjoy this city as much as we do - send a brief now.

reasons to head to Budapest:

The great city has one of Europe’s best nightlife scenes. There’s loads of hidden gems, like Morrison’s Music Pub, which is in an underground cellar, usually has cheesy 60’s/70’s music and offers a range of cheap beer.
Liszt Ferenc square - a busy square full of open bars, and Raday Utca is the Soho of Budapest, with a full range of classy open bars, restaurants and clubs.
Rejuvenating thermal baths - Budapest is known by some as The City of Healing Waters and for good reason, the land is full of natural springs and wells that offer naturally warm water in the surrounding spas.
Cheap beer - the biggest variation to the usual beer is called Bak and is an odd bock beer, but there’s also Heineken, Stella and all the usuals at seriously low prices.
Faust Wine Cellar - it’s in the Buda Castle District which is worth a visit anyway as it has some fantastic sights! In the Faust Wine Cellar you can take a seat at the bar and experience great Hungarian wines with authentic surroundings and yet more incredibly low prices.
The fire-breathing goulash soup - authentic Hungarian food is pretty different from what we’re used to, which will add another unique element to your Budapest stag do. The extremely tasty goulash is superb - packed with beef, Hungarian paprika and chilli it’s a must-try when you’re there!

ground information - it’s a party whatever the weather:

Budapest stag party imageThe Hungarian climate is continentally temperate. Springtime is glorious and you know it's arrived when the ladies start sporting an often eye popping warm-weather look. The very agreeable Hungarian summer is warm, sunny and unusually long. Autumn is beautiful, particularly in the hills around Budapest and in the Northern Uplands. Winter, meantime, is cold - yet mainly dry, and short. With a consistently decent climate anytime is a good time for planning a Budapest stag weekend: the party runs year-round, from the outdoor cafés and clubs in the warm months to the raucous cellar bars and giant indoor venues that pulsate through the winter.

city slicking – getting around the Buda:

When it comes to your Budapest stag do program we’ll usually have your transfers sorted but if you intend to explore a little, keep in mind Budapest is bigger and more spread out than other cities in the region so it’s as well to plan from A to B. Walking is a great way to get around if you have the time. If you need to, taking public transport saves time and is cheap and payment is simple - you punch one ticket for each ride, no matter how far you are going. This can be done at the little red or orange boxes on all buses and trams and at entrances to the metro. Tickets can be purchased at machines (make sure you have coins) or at ticket windows in metro stations. Be warned, if you're caught without a ticket you have to pay fine on the spot in cash. Ouuchh.


If you bring Pounds or Euros on your trip, you'll have no trouble finding a place to exchange them, but we’d recommend bringing your cashpoint card and obtain cash that way. You'll get the best exchange rate from any of the cashpoint machines that are everywhere in Budapest. (Avoid the money changers that loiter in touristy areas and train stations!) And finally, note that cash is king in Hungary; credit cards aren't as widespread as they are in the UK and Western Europe. Outside of more upmarket establishments your credit card can be of little use.

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